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Why Should One Enter The Express Entry Pool Now?

Why Should One Enter The Express Entry Pool Now?

Why Should One Enter The Express Entry Pool Now?

July 20, 2022
Why Should One Enter The Express Entry Pool Now-ASI Immigration

Express Entry is a pathway for permanent residency in Canada. It works with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to offer foreign nationals the chance to apply and become citizens of Canada.

With a high rate of retirement causing a shortage in the workforce and empty seats, Canada needs skilled immigrant laborers to balance the demand.

Fast processing of applications

It takes IRCC six months to process the applications. Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said that the goal has been reached for the current six months.

IRCC plans to provide permanent residency to 56,000 Express Entry applicants in 2022 who are not in the Provincial Nominee Program.

The high demand for immigrants

Canada’s labor sector dipped this June due to the high retirement and low job seekers rates. As the concentration of vacancies for summer positions is high, the need to compensate the workforce is met by drawing in more immigrants.

Express Entry, being the pathway to permanent citizenship, caters to the demand for a workforce. Hence, meeting the eligibility criteria of this program is an easy way to become an immigrant in Canada.

Easy entry to the provincial nominee program

If you meet the eligibility requisites for Express Entry, you also have a chance to become a provincial nomination candidate.

Provincial nomination through Express Entry further strengthens your likelihood of being a permanent resident in any province of your choice. Hence, being eligible in the Express Entry pool itself will create a chance for immigration.


Once you are eligible for Express Entry, there are high chances that you’ll receive an Invitation to Apply for immigration to Canada. So, focus on the CRS scores and contact ASI Immigration for further clarification.


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