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Canada Business Program

Canada Business Program

Canada Business Program

Foreign businesspersons can explore a wealth of entrepreneurship opportunities in Canada and become permanent residents. Canada offers a Business Immigration Program to welcome entrepreneurs and business investors from abroad to boost its economy and job market by creating new job opportunities.

Canada Business Immigration Program focuses on the development of new commercial opportunities. It facilitates easy access to the growing economies of the world. Professional immigration consultants can be of great help in choosing the right Business Immigration Program.


Entrepreneurs and investors from foreign countries who can invest in Canada and leverage their business expertise and managerial experience to boost the Canadian economy can become permanent residents by using the following immigration programs:

  • Start-up Visa
  • Self-employed program
  • Business Visitor Visa
  • PNP (Provincial Nomination Program) Entrepreneur Visa Streams

These Business Investor Programs help investors, entrepreneurs, self-employed foreign nationals, and corporate executives to immigrate to Canada. Business immigrants need to be high net-worth individuals who can invest significantly.

Start-up Visa

Canada is looking for businesspersons with exceptional entrepreneurial qualities and plans to start, manage, or take over a business in Canada. Individuals with groundbreaking business ideas or business propositions that can improve Canada’s economy and create new jobs should consider the Start-up Visa Program.

The basic eligibility for a Start-up Visa is a commitment of a Canada-designated organization, including venture capital, business incubators, or angel investors to invest in your business venture. The commitment to invest must be in the form of a letter of support. Besides, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants should have a minimum of ten percent of voting rights
  • Applicants and designated organizations together must hold a minimum of fifty percent of voting rights
  • Applicants should actively take part in routine business management while staying in Canada
  • The business operations must take place in Canada

Self-employed program

The program targets immigrants with exceptional career profiles. The applicants must have abilities to contribute to the athletic and cultural fields in Canada. The National Occupation Classification (NOC) of Canada provides a list of career types.

Following are unique advantages of using the Self Employment Program:

  • No specific requirement of the individual net worth of investments
  • Freedom to choose a career option

Applicants must submit the Express Entry profile under the Comprehensive Ranking System of IRCC. The selection of the candidates who receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) is according to the points score and ranking among all pool participants.

Business Visitor Visa

The Business Visitor Visa facilitates a temporary visit to Canada for a business deal, training, or attending a trade show or conference. The business visitor must not impact the Canadian labor market. You may explore ways to grow the business or develop business relationships, or make an investment by obtaining a Business Visitor Visa.

Following are some important conditions to know while applying for a Business Visitor Visa:

  • The applicant’s main business and assets are outside Canada
  • One should not interfere with the Canadian labor market
  • Should be planning to stay in Canada not more than six months

These terms are in addition to security and police verification, proof of funds to support expenses, and clearing of health examinations.

PNP (Provincial Nomination Program) Entrepreneur Visa Streams 

Individual businesspersons and investors can leverage a range of Provincial Entrepreneur Visas to start, purchase, manage, and operate businesses in different Canadian provinces. Applicants of Provincial Entrepreneur Visa should intend to settle in Canada for managing a business venture and have a minimum net worth of $ 500,000. They must have a minimum experience of three years in actively running a business venture.

Experience a hassle-free and speedy application process by hiring ASI immigration to facilitate your business visit to Canada. We offer knowledgeable guidance to choose from a broad spectrum of Canada Business Program pathways. Call us now to explore your business immigration options.

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