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Authorization to Return To Canada (ARC)

Authorization to Return To Canada (ARC)

Authorization to Return To Canada (ARC)

The Canadian government can order Non-Canadian citizens to leave the country through removal orders. If you are a non-citizen, you can be asked to leave the country for reasons such as criminal conduct or violation of the country’s immigration laws. You can come back to Canada if you need to use the Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) option.

Whether you need an ARC to return will depend on a few factors, such as the type of removal order and how and when you complied with it. You must comply with all the admissibility rules to qualify for ARC.

Type of Removal Orders:

There are three types of removal orders. They are:

Departure Order (form number IMM 5238)

You will not need an ARC if you were served a Departure Order and exited Canada within 30 days. You should have also verified the same with an immigration officer at the port of exit. You may be allowed to enter Canada after a routine examination at the port of entry.

On the other hand, if you left the country after more than 30 days of issuance of the Departure Order and without verifying your departure at the immigration point, you must apply for an ARC.

Exclusion Order (form number IMM 1214B)

If 12 months have passed since you exited Canada after getting an Exclusion Order and you are in possession of a Certificate of Departure, you don’t need an ARC. You can enter Canada after a normal examination at the point of entry.

If you have not complied with any of the above, you must apply for an ARC to re-enter Canada.

If you wish to return to Canada less than 12 months after the Exclusion Order was issued or do not have a Certificate of Departure, you need to apply for an ARC.

Deportation Order (form number IMM 5238B)

If you have been served a Deportation Order, you will need to apply for an ARC.

Before You Apply

Before applying for ARC, you must understand why you were issued an enforcement order. Your current situation must also be taken into account. If the circumstances that led to your deportation have not changed, the chances of being permitted to return are pretty bleak.

Please note that if deportation is because of criminal inadmissibility, you must apply for criminal rehabilitation first. You will also have to apply for a TRP or a Temporary Resident Permit to be allowed back into Canada.

If you want to return to Canada for visiting, studying, working, or immigrating, there is no need to make a separate application for an ARC. If your application is approved, the ARC will take into account the context of your application. You only have to submit a fee.

Processing fees are not refundable regardless of the final decision on your application. You must pay the processing fee again on a fresh application if your earlier application is refused.

If the Canadian government entails an expense to remove you from the country, the costs must be repaid for an ARC to be issued.

How to Apply:

While applying for a visa or permit to return to Canada, you must include the following documents with your application:

  • A Temporary Resident Visa application form, completed in all respects and authorized to generate a barcode page
  • Recent photographs (not older than six months)
  • A copy of your passport
  • A letter in English/French written in black ink, or typed, stating why you must be allowed to enter Canada again.
  • You must pay a processing fee of CAD 400 online.

Applicants from a visa-exempt country needing an ARC to re-enter Canada can submit these documents by mail to the visa office responsible for your area/region. You will also be informed of the amount you must pay if there are any repayment costs associated with your removal from the country.

If the authorities need to interview you or need any additional documents, you will be informed about the same in writing.

Important Information

The officer assessing your return to Canada application will look for the following:

  • Why the removal order was issued
  • The chances of you repeating the behavior that resulted in your removal
  • The time span since the order was issued
  • Your present situation
  • Reasons for entering Canada

Please note that an incomplete or illegible application will be rejected, returned, and not processed further.

If the documents are sent in any language other than English or French, you must include a certified translation copy.

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