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5 tips to enhance your CRS Score for Canada’s express entry draw

5 tips to enhance your CRS Score for Canada’s express entry draw

5 tips to enhance your CRS Score for Canada’s express entry draw

December 20, 2022

Canada’s Express Entry system is the most popular immigration program that allows skilled foreign workers to settle in Canada permanently. Express Entry is an online system that selects candidates based on their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score, which is a point-based system that evaluates a candidate’s age, education, work experience, language skills, and other factors.

Since the number of candidates applying for permanent residency through Express Entry is increasing every year, it has become essential to improve your CRS score to have a better chance of receiving an invitation to apply (ITA) in the upcoming draw. Here are five ways you can improve your CRS score for a better shot at Canada’s Express Entry draw in 2023.

Improve Your Language Proficiency

Language ability is one of the most significant factors in determining your CRS score. You can score up to 260 points for your language proficiency, which includes English and/or French proficiency. The first step is to take a language proficiency test and aim for a high score. You can also take language courses to improve your language proficiency. In addition, it’s important to note that some language proficiency tests, such as the CELPIP and the TEF, are recognized by the Canadian government for immigration purposes. So, make sure to take the right test.

Upgrade Your Education

Having a higher education degree can significantly increase your CRS score. A Master’s degree or Ph.D. can earn you up to 150 points, and a Bachelor’s degree can get you up to 120 points. If you’re planning to study in Canada, you can earn extra points for your study permit application, and Canadian education can help you improve your language proficiency as well.

Gain More Work Experience

Work experience is another crucial factor in the CRS calculation. If you have at least three years of full-time work experience in a skilled occupation, you can earn up to 80 points. However, if you have more than three years of experience, you can earn up to 135 points. So, if you’re eligible, try to gain more work experience in your field to improve your CRS score.

Get A Provincial Nomination

A provincial nomination can earn you an additional 600 points, which will significantly boost your CRS score. Each province has its own nomination program with its own eligibility criteria. Some provinces may require you to have a job offer in their province or demonstrate ties to the province. It’s important to research the different provincial nomination programs and see if you’re eligible.

Get a job offer

Having a valid job offer from a Canadian employer can also increase your CRS score. You can get up to 200 points for a job offer, and the job must be in a skilled occupation. If you’re planning to apply for a job offer, make sure you’re eligible to work in Canada and the job offer meets the requirements for the National Occupation Classification (NOC).

In conclusion, improving your CRS score is crucial for a better chance at receiving an ITA for Canada’s Express Entry program. Language proficiency, education, work experience, a provincial nomination, and your spouse’s profile can all earn you valuable points. It’s important to research the eligibility criteria for each of these factors and take steps to improve them. With a higher CRS score, you’ll have a better chance at receiving an ITA and starting a new life in Canada.

If you’re looking to improve your CRS score and make the application process for Canada’s Express Entry smoother, ASI Immigration can help. Our team of experienced professionals can assess your profile, identify areas for improvement, and provide tailored advice to maximize your CRS score. We can also assist with language tests, education assessments, and work experience evaluations, ensuring that your application meets all the eligibility criteria for the Express Entry program.

We can also guide you through the entire application process, from creating your profile to receiving your ITA. The team can help you prepare all the necessary documents and ensure that they are submitted correctly and on time. With our expertise and guidance, you can feel confident that your application is in good hands and that you’re putting your best foot forward in the Express Entry draw.


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