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New Immigration Relief Measures Announced for Haitians in Canada

New Immigration Relief Measures Announced for Haitians in Canada

New Immigration Relief Measures Announced for Haitians in Canada

June 3, 2024

Canada has introduced temporary measures to support family members of Canadians who have left Haiti and Haitian nationals currently in Canada who cannot return to Haiti. 

The new provisions aim to provide stability and safety for these individuals.

Haitians with valid temporary resident status in Canada can now apply for a study permit, open work permit, or status extension at no cost. This policy extends to foreign national family members who arrived as temporary residents through assisted departures from Haiti. Eligible individuals will also receive three months of Interim Federal Health Program coverage.

Approximately 44,000 Haitians hold temporary resident status in Canada. The Canadian government has also facilitated travel for Haitian nationals outside Canada who lost their passports due to the humanitarian crisis. 

Those who have applied for immigration and are ready for approval can travel to Canada without a passport.

The volatile security situation in Haiti has prompted these measures to keep families together and provide a safe environment for Haitians in Canada to study, work, and reside. 

Canada recently completed assisted departures from Haiti, transporting 681 individuals to safety, including 435 Canadian citizens, 111 permanent residents, and 135 temporary residents.

In line with its humanitarian immigration policies, Canada continues to process applications through a dedicated humanitarian pathway. It prioritizes permanent residency for Colombians, Haitians, and Venezuelans. The policy is targeted at those with family members in Canada who are willing to support their application.

The anchor family member in Canada must declare their intention to help the applicant and their family for one year without accepting monetary compensation. 

Approved applicants have all fees waived, receive pre-departure medical services, and get three months of financial assistance upon arrival. They also benefit from free settlement services to aid their integration into Canadian society and the labor force. 

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