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IRCC Recognizes Legitimacy of Dual Intent in Immigration Applications

IRCC Recognizes Legitimacy of Dual Intent in Immigration Applications

IRCC Recognizes Legitimacy of Dual Intent in Immigration Applications

April 16, 2023

IRCC acknowledges the dual intent in immigration applications as the intentions of temporary and permanent residency complement each other.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) encourages study-work-permanent residence as Canada wants to retain temporary residents to bolster its economy and job market. Canadian Experience Class and Caregiver Pilot are a few pathways that motivate temporary residents to examine permanent residency in Canada.

The background

It was common for immigration officers to refuse immigration applications for international students if the students expressed a desire to settle in Canada. The dual intent of temporary and permanent residence is in line with Canada’s immigration policy. Despite this, the officers did not approve the applications if the applicant failed to demonstrate their intention of leaving Canada after the expiry of the temporary resident permit.

Justifying the dual intent

The recent decision to acknowledge dual intent legitimizes two intentions, including temporary and permanent residence. Revision of dual intent instructions confirms that two intentions do not contradict each other but are compatible. The immigration officers should confirm the temporary residence applicant genuinely wishes to fulfill the temporary residence obligations while assessing the immigration applications. They may consider different factors like:

Period of stay in Canada

Financial support

Compliance with IRPR and IRPA requirements

Ties with home country

Authenticity of documents

Purpose and context of the visit

Canada promotes study-work-PR pathways

Immigration officers should know that the IRCC is encouraging study-work-settle pathways actively to help prospective students work and settle in Canada. The Express Entry selection process operates the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) pathway to help international students with Canadian work experience become permanent residents. Students can opt for Post Graduate Work Permit to acquire work experience and become eligible for Express Entry selection under CEC.

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