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Canada’s Population Hits 40 Million Mark with Immigration Boost

Canada’s Population Hits 40 Million Mark with Immigration Boost

Canada’s Population Hits 40 Million Mark with Immigration Boost

August 13, 2023

Canada recorded the highest population growth in 2022, marking the highest-ever addition of new Canadians in a single year. Canada’s population grew by a whopping one million in 2022, boosting the population to 40 million by June 2023, as per Statistics Canada. It is an exciting milestone in Canada’s history, highlighting the vital role of immigration in Canada’s economic progress and demographic evolution.  

Immigration’s role in Canada’s population

The record growth of Canada’s population helps the country reach the landmark 40 million mark. Canada has the highest population growth among G7 countries, surging at a record 2.7 percent. Canada’s population owes its record growth to immigration as temporary and permanent residents continue to enrich Canada’s demographic.

Canada relies on immigration to meet its labor market and demographic challenges as the current birth rate cannot replace the aging population. Landed immigrants and permanent residents accounted for nearly one-fourth population of Canada in 2021. Canada is targeting to welcome over 500,000 new immigrants annually till 2025, registering a growth of 35,000 new immigrants over the current year’s immigration objectives. Canada’s ambitious immigration programs will help Canada reach 50 million population by 2043.

Significance of immigration  

Immigration is strengthening Canada’s economy for decades. After the Covid 19 pandemic, Canada is witnessing record labor shortages with over a million job vacancies. These factors call for higher immigration targets to meet labor market demands. The number of job vacancies in critical sectors such as social assistance and healthcare is increasing rapidly due to the growing number of retirees.

There is a historic labor shortage of skilled workers in Canada, underling the need to support businesses to fill the job vacancies. Immigration will continue to be Canada’s most critical resource enabling employers to address record skilled worker shortages.  

Canada’s ambitious immigration goals

Canada will welcome the maximum number of new immigrants under the 2023-2025 Immigration Plan. Immigration is Canada’s strategic initiative to help businesses fill vacant positions by attracting in-demand skills. The immigration target for the year 2023 is 465,000 newcomers rising to 485,000 in 2024 and 500,000 in 2025.

Provincial immigration will help Canada ensure that the labor market, demographic, and economic benefits of immigration will reach provinces and territories. Canada provides several regional immigration pathways like Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP), and Atlantic Immigration.

A broad spectrum of immigration pathways

Prospective immigrants can find the most appropriate immigration pathway that suits their goals and profile. Canadian family connections can help you immigrate through various family sponsorship programs. Reliable immigration consultants help you explore permanent residence options in Canada.

Express Entry is the most sought-after immigration pathway among aspiring immigrants planning to settle in Canada. Eligible candidates can expedite the immigration process by leveraging the Express Entry selection process for the following popular federal immigration programs:

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) – Candidates having skilled work experience in specific occupations are eligible for the FSWP pathway.

Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) – Skilled work experience in specific trades can apply under the FSTP pathway through express entry

Canadian Experience Class – Skilled work experience in Canada qualifies you to seek permanent residence under the Canadian Experience Class program through Express Entry selection.

Express Entry is a competitive selection process for the highest-ranking applicants. Each candidate submits an online profile to the Express Entry pool to receive a score under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The ranking parameters include language proficiency, work experience, education, and age.

Candidates with top CRS scores receive Invitation to Apply for permanent residence through the federal immigration pathways. They can expect to immigrate within six months of submitting the Express Entry profile.

 Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship hold periodic Express Entry draws to invite the most eligible candidates. Your profile remains active in the Express Entry pool for up to one year, allowing you to improve your CRS scores by improving your language skills and educational credentials or by getting more work experience.

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