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Canada’s High-paying Occupations Promising Rewarding Careers to Immigrants

Canada’s High-paying Occupations Promising Rewarding Careers to Immigrants

Canada’s High-paying Occupations Promising Rewarding Careers to Immigrants

June 10, 2023

Canada aims to bring 465,000 new immigrants to address the rapid depletion of Canada’s workforce because of low birth rates and early retirements. Immigration continues to be Canada’s main driver, boosting its economic and demographic development. Skilled workers can explore over 300 crafts to get jobs that promise excellent compensation.

With over 1.1 million vacant job positions across occupations and an average increase of 7.5 percent in hourly wages, Canada is the top destination if you seek a gratifying career with excellent earning potential. Here are leading occupations that promise excellent remunerations.

Finance and Accounting professionals

Skilled accountants are in high demand in most provinces in Canada, including Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia. There are indications that demand for accountants will continue through 2028. Canada is the world’s leading economy, providing countless job openings for professionals in the finance sector. The sector ensures average annual earnings of $117,000.  

Engineering professionals

Engineering is a regulated profession in Canada, enjoying good demand with attractive remunerations. The immigrant engineer requires a license from provincial authorities to work in a particular location. Being among the high-demand occupations, engineers can expect handsome earnings of up to $83,637 per annum.

Information Technology occupations

Canada’s booming Tech sector and the government’s initiatives to boost innovative technologies assure diverse opportunities for IT professionals. IT engineers and programmers are high-demand occupations in Canada. Professionals in Information Technology can earn up to $71,177 in Canada.

Software developers

Canada needs software developers to support innovations across all sectors. Software programmers can explore extensive job opportunities with a good scope for career advancement, besides annual average earnings of up to $64,292.

Teaching occupations

As more immigrant families aim to make Canada their home, there is a great demand for teachers in all provinces and territories in Canada. There are several vacant job positions for kindergarten and elementary teachers. You can earn up to $53,398 a year as a qualified teacher.

Nursing occupations

Canada is struggling to meet the historic shortage of skilled nurses during the post-pandemic period. Canada’s healthcare system requires registered nurses to provide health services to people. The demand for qualified nurses will persist through 2030, registering a six percent growth rate in vacancies. Immigrant professionals in the nursing profession can get up to $51,837 in compensation each year.

Sales and marketing professionals

Though sales and marketing are different occupations, these are interdependent. You can come to Canada to boost your career and earnings if you have proven experience in sales and marketing assignments. The average annual pay for sales and marketing jobs in Canada is $49,279.

Tourism and hospitality occupations

Natural diversity, scenic locations, and a broad spectrum of annual events make Canada a paradise for local and international tourists. Canada’s tourism and hospitality industry provides vast opportunities for experienced professionals in the sector. Most tourism and hospitality occupations promise annual earnings of $42,499.

Human Resources occupations

Human Resource professionals are in high demand in Canada, regardless of industries. Recruiters, counselors, and HR managers can benefit from the ever-expanding job market in diverse industry sectors. They gain international experience besides attractive compensation averaging $40,202 each year.

In conclusion

Canada’s growing and stable economy, rich resources, and immigrant-friendly environment provide the right environment for new immigrants to work and settle for a better life. Historic labor shortages in Canada ensure excellent job opportunities for skilled professionals across occupations. Canada’s dynamic immigration system allows new immigrants to come to Canada by exploring several immigration pathways like the Federal Skilled Trades Program, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, and Canadian Experience Class to settle permanently by finding the right job.  

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