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Calgary is Fast Emerging as a Top Destination for Tech Companies

Calgary is Fast Emerging as a Top Destination for Tech Companies

Calgary is Fast Emerging as a Top Destination for Tech Companies

November 30, 2022

Calgary gained its present status because of growth in the oil and gas industry. The once popular “Cowtown” is on its way to usher in a new era of innovation by welcoming new investments. The latest announcement of Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund worth $100 million makes Calgary a perfect destination for new tech companies. Besides being in Canada, which is a suitable destination for new business, here are the most valid reasons tech companies should focus on Calgary as a promising destination to set up the business.

Tax structure

The simplicity of corporate tax laws and the lowering of the tax rate for small businesses are the main reasons for Canada’s prominent position as a go-to destination for businesses. As of 2022, the net tax rate for small businesses is 9 percent. It is besides Canada’s reputation as the fastest-growing economy in G7 nations.

Tech companies can leverage Canada’s Research and Development incentives, which are among the best in the top industrialized nations. Small businesses can benefit from several tax deductions in Canada to set up an innovative startup.

Stable economy

Canada’s stable banking system and government offer a supportive environment to start and do new business. Canadian banks have a reputation for being among the most stable financial institutions globally. These factors are essential for the growth of new companies. Entrepreneurs need not struggle with economic or political instabilities.  

Supportive healthcare

Healthcare expenses to cover employees’ health are significantly lower than in the US, where employers must cover all healthcare expenses. Canada has well-established provincial healthcare for basic healthcare needs. Employers can ensure additional coverage through relevant policies to bridge the gaps.

Small businesses drive Canada’s economy

Close to 98 percent of Canada’s businesses drive Canada’s economy, having less than a hundred employees each. Small businesses have a noteworthy contribution to Canada’s prosperity. Calgary offers an excellent environment for small businesses to grow and boost the country’s growth.

Proximity to the US

The US border is just a three hours drive away from Calgary. Canada shares an extensive and symbiotic relationship with the US. It is an important advantage for tech companies as 

they can explore the US markets without hassles.

Calgary supports STEM programs

Calgary is home to seven leading universities and colleges offering top-class education. These support STEM programs through 4,110 bachelor and higher degrees, boosting the proportion of STEM graduates, which is the highest in Canada.

Access to a world-class talent pool

Tech companies can source talent within Calgary, which ranks among Canada’s top five tech-talent markets. Calgary’s leading education system and track record promote its labor pool and the job market.

Easy accessibility 

Calgary has excellent access to main transportation routes because of its location in Alberta’s southern half. One can catch direct flights to all Canadian cities besides Asia, Europe, and the US from the city’s airport.

Calgary boasts of comfortable commutes among major Canadian cities. LRTs, buses, and integrated road networks enable employees to reach their destinations faster.

Provincial tax benefits

Business owners in Alberta benefit from several tax benefits as exemption from payroll taxes, inventory taxes, and equipment taxes. Alberta raised the income threshold for the taxable income of small businesses and reduced the tax rate. We know these provincial tax benefits as “Alberta Advantage” in business circles.

World-class amenities

Calgary has the second-highest ranking for overall satisfaction and a healthy lifestyle. New tech businesses will have myriad reasons to feel proud of calling Calgary home. Here are a few amenities that make Calgary a world-class city:

Ample green space with several parks

North America’s best network of bikeway systems and urban pathway

Easy access to the Rocky Mountains

Several world-class attractions besides sporting facilities 

Reasonable cost of living

Despite being a major city, Calgary’s cost of living is lower than several major cities in Canada. Some major attractions of living in Calgary are the lowest personal and provincial income taxes and free health insurance. Alberta is Canada’s only province with no sales tax. You can purchase a home in Calgary at lower rates than in Toronto or Vancouver.

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