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Meet Our CEO

Meet Our CEO

Meet Our CEO

ASI Immigration is the upshot of the passion of Shivani Khurana, an immigrant herself,  who wanted to give wings to her entrepreneurial dreams. She was aware of the problems faced by people who wanted to pursue studies or work in Canada and eventually settle there. The company was launched to help people realize their Canadian dream.

ASI Immigration is committed to providing you with services that stand apart for its quality and speed. We make sure that all aspirants trying for Canadian immigration through us have a wonderful experience that culminates in the success of their mission.

Our consultants have the licenses and qualifications mandated by The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC), the primary governing body for the Immigration industry in Canada. With our unmatched knowledge and unrivalled experience, we can help you overcome any challenges in the path of pursuing your immigration dreams successfully.

“The personal life experience of Shivani Khurana as an immigrant in Canada, and with over 20 years of living experience in Canada, Shivani Khurana pride to share real-life experience of a migrant life, guaranteeing you are well ready and assisted on ideal Pathway to a Successful Migration and Settlement in Canada! When you trust her to handle your immigration issues, you’ll receive personal attention every step of the way. Time is a crucial component in most immigration cases, so she’ll address your concerns promptly and expedite matters on your behalf when necessary.”

Shivani Khurana came to Canada from India in 2001 to get a Private Pilot’s License. She passed her written exams quickly with Transport Canada in 2003 and her flight test in 2004, but life had different plans for her instead. During her student life in Canada, she faced many challenges that international students face after arriving in Canada and reaching their goal of getting higher education from a reupdated Designated Learning Institute (DLI) that would help them to get a good job in their field in Canada and achieving their goal of becoming a permanent resident. She personally believes that every study permit should be dealt with up-most attention, because a student’s future depends on the guidance that they get from their consultant

In 2020, Shivani went back to college to achieve this goal to be a license immigration consultant. She graduated from CDI College and cleared her licensing exam in April 2021. She became Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) in October 2021. Shivani soon took the first firm step towards realizing her entrepreneurial dreams by launching ASI Immigration on Nov 1, 2021.

Shivani moved to Calgary in 2004 and has been living in this city since then. She has worked with many organizations in Canada as a Marketing Office Manager, Operations Lead and as her most recent role of “Director of Operations” and has a decade-plus of rich and varied marketing experience. She was instrumental in helping many companies boost their revenue many times over with her smart and innovative marketing instincts and strategies.

Her experience of dealing as a main point of contact with leading Canadian firms and government agencies such as the City of Calgary, Alberta Infrastructure, Public Works, RCMP, and many more leading Canadian businesses helped her hone her administrative and marketing skills. However, the entrepreneur in her was ready for more challenges. But she wanted to make sure she had the knowledge and the skills to become the best in her chosen field.

Apart from following her passion for helping people with immigration issues, she loves spending time with her family, and is looking forward to travelling to her favorite international destinations, like Mexico & Hawaii, once the pandemic is over.

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