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How Can I Receive A Job Offer From Outside Of Canada?

How Can I Receive A Job Offer From Outside Of Canada?

How Can I Receive A Job Offer From Outside Of Canada?

November 16, 2022
How Can I Receive A Job Offer From Outside Of Canada-ASI Immigration

Immigration to Canada is an excellent opportunity for individuals from foreign countries. There are dozens of programs under provincial nominee programs, as well as three federal Express Entry programs.

The competitive immigration system in Canada surprises many prospective immigrants who wish to start a new life here. Federal immigration programs are applied for by hundreds of thousands of people each year, for instance.

However, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) select only a few thousand applications.

If a valid job offer is available from a recognized Canadian employer, applicants have a better chance of selection.

There may be several ways to land a Canadian job offer if you live outside of Canada and know the different ways to do so. This guide will look at a few practical tips that can assist you in obtaining a job offer outside Canada.

What is Canada Work Permit?

Exceptional foreign skilled workers, youth who have been trained, immigrants, and experienced professionals can obtain a Canadian work permit to work in Canada and stay there for a set period, working under a Canadian employer for a set amount of time.

The applicant has to choose one of the jobs on the list to apply for from the list of National Occupation Classification (NOC) that is used to classify the skill-based jobs in Canada according to national standards.

Who is eligible to apply for a Canada Work Permit?

Applicants interested in working outside of Canada must fulfill specific criteria to be considered for a job offer, such as age, education, skill level, trade or apprenticeship, previous relevant work experience, funds, and language skills, among other things.

The Best Way to Find a Job Outside of Canada

Here are some of the best tips job seekers can follow to find a job in Canada from abroad

Create a Canadian-style resume

Adapting your resume to the Canadian style is another essential step to getting a job offer in Canada. As this approach presents your information in a familiar format, it helps you stand out to Canadian employers.

Check out the provincial job banks.

The Government of Canada Job Bank website provides foreign workers with access to job listings. Several filters available on this job website allow you to filter jobs based on occupation types, locations, employment conditions, language at work, employment period, and salaries.

Apply for Jobs Outside Major Cities

Generally speaking, foreign workers are eager to find work in Canada’s major cities, such as Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal, and to find jobs in these cities. As a result, job postings in various cities around the country also attract Canadians from other regions.

Job seekers are much more likely to receive an interview when they apply for positions in smaller cities instead of larger ones.

Visit Canada on a Tourist Visa

The application process for foreign jobs may be easier if the candidate visits Canada on a visitor visa and applies for jobs in person.

After obtaining a visitor visa, you can travel to Canada to look for job openings in person. Visit prospective employers’ offices and speak with their hiring managers if you have already compiled a list.


Using this method of applying for jobs gives you an advantage over other foreign applicants as, when you do so, you will be able to demonstrate in person the extent to which you understand the Canadian business environment and the Canadian language.

Many job fairs are held each year, both for general employment and for industry-specific positions. If you encounter challenges while applying for a job or work permit, ASI Immigration will assist you. Regardless of the immigration category, they strive to provide the best possible immigration advice and guidance.


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