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How about making a move to Canada in 2022?

How about making a move to Canada in 2022?

How about making a move to Canada in 2022?

December 10, 2021

How about making a move to Canada in 2022?

Whenever we talk about Canada, what attracts us the most? The cuisine, the people here and the quality of living. However, there are a few things to keep in mind during the process of recertification, depending on your occupation and within no time you are in for a joyful ride in this beautiful country.

Reasons to immigrate to Canada in 2022:

  • Recuperating Economy

During the year 2020, the pandemic took a major toll on various economies around the world. However, it’s all about how you can cope up with it. During the summer, the small businesses and consumer expenditure have largely benefitted while without any hesitation it can be said that during the upcoming winter season the growth will slow down a bit, but it will never come to a standstill. There will be a huge boost to the diminishing unemployment. During March 2021, the national unemployment rate stands at 8.2% while in February it was around 9.1% whereas it was at a high 13.5% during the lockdown last year. Here in Canada, the jobs are being generated very fast and through the in-demand jobs it has become very easy to find a space for you in the country.

  • Canada is a large country

If we go into the stats, Canada is the second biggest country in the world with a population of just 37.5 million people. The state of California in USA which has a population of 39.5 million and considering the area of California, it can fit into Canada 24 times. While the lifestyle in both Canada and California is far too dissimilar, to live in Canada is very much comfortable.

  • A land of cultural diversity

Canada is one of those places where you will find an amalgamation of people from different culture and ideas and that’s what is so appealing about this place. If we look at the people of Canada, most of them are English, Irish, Scottish and French but over the years with its progressive policies people from China, India and many other parts of the world are also settling here. Presently there is a population of over 20% which has come from other countries while the Canadian government aims to increase it further to about 50% in 2030. The target of immigration of the new permanent residents to Canada is over 400,000 and it’s the first step in that direction.

  • Healthcare system 

This is one of those basic facilities provided by Canada government. Not only the healthcare in Canada is absolutely free but it is accessible to one and all. The Medicare trust fund finances health services for the beneficiaries run by the Government and delivered by the private sector. If there is a delay of a day or two for the treatment, you can opt for the private services.

  • Canada’s amazing beauty

One of the major attributes of Canada is its beauty. Because of the low population density (90% of the population lives within 160 kilometers of the American border), Canada has been able to maintain its charm. The remaining area of Canada is a whole lot more enthralling to explore. The cities like Yellowknife and Whitehorse are really beautiful though being small. If we talk about the lakes, they are second to none. You will find almost 20% of the world’s freshwater lakes in Canada. Across the country you will find around 2 million lakes out of which 563 are larger than 100 square kilometers. During the summer the beauty of lakes lie in their crystal-clear water full of fishes perfect for swimming and many other sports.

  • Chilly Canada

Canada’s winter has its own charm. Though during the winter season, the average temperature is less than zero degrees Celsius, everywhere you will find a central heating system which provides you comfort whether you are at home or your workplace or anywhere else. You just need to make sure you are very well covered with a thick coat, gloves and boots.

  • Flourishing Immigration

The targets set by department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have been:

2021- 401,100 new permanent residents

2022- 411,000 new permanent residents

2023- 421,000 new permanent residents

The target seems very much achievable as in only first 2 months of 2021, over 30,000 foreign workers have been allowed permanent residency in Canada. Now, while the immigration and visa programs get back on track and the employers are taking foreign workers, lots of workers continue to migrate to Canada.

  • Top-class education system

Another one of the priorities of people is the education system for them or for their children. Primary and secondary education is absolutely free in Canada and ranks among the Top 10 best education systems in the world. Around 56% people in Canada between age group 25 to 64 have some form of higher education after completing high school. Professionals in Canada need to be recertified by a provincial body in Canada to practice. For example, doctors will need to undergo some tests in their fields to make sure they fulfill the Canadian standards, and then only they can practice.

  • Extremely courteous people

Canadians are known for their politeness and well-mannered nature. It’s in the culture of Canada. The people are so generous that one can easily realize how much the word sorry is used. You can make a lot of friends in Canada by just greeting the other people with a sweet smile. The fact that a law had to be passed to prevent the word ‘sorry’ to be taken as an admission of guilt shows the nature of the people living there.

  • Good Governance 

Though most countries around the world face various social evils like racism, bigotry and communal issues, Canada is one of the safest countries in this regard. It believes in completing protecting the rights of each and every individual. People of Canada were also highly satisfied with the government’s handling of issues related to covid-19.

So, are you ready to explore Canada?

In the past, if you had thought of moving to Canada, this is the right time. While other economies around the world are still grappling, Canadian economy is progressing and to a large extent its immigration policies ensure a better future for the foreigners. So, if you are looking for a good lifestyle which is full of happiness and want to make your dreams come true and secure your future, there is no better place than Canada to move to in 2022.


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