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Canada Express Entry: New category-based selection announced

Canada Express Entry: New category-based selection announced

Canada Express Entry: New category-based selection announced

June 1, 2023
Canada Express Entry- New category-based selection announced

Canada’s Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, recently announced an exciting development in the country’s immigration landscape. The IRCC is set to launch category-based selection draws for Express Entry candidates, marking a significant milestone in enhancing pathways to Canada.

This year, category-based selection invitations will focus on candidates who have

  • a strong French language proficiency or
  • work experience in the following fields:
  • healthcare
  • science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professions
  • trades, such as carpenters, plumbers and contractors
  • transport
  • agriculture and agri-food

These new categories open up immense opportunities for Express Entry candidates. Skilled professionals with experience in healthcare can contribute to the nation’s well-being, while those in STEM fields can help drive innovation and technological advancement. The trades category allows individuals with practical skills to contribute to infrastructure development and construction projects, while the transportation sector can benefit from the expertise of logistics and transport professionals. Finally, the agriculture and agri-food category supports Canada’s food security goals by inviting skilled individuals with agricultural knowledge and experience.

The decision to introduce these categories stems from Canada’s commitment to welcoming in-demand professionals into communities across the country. By inviting skilled workers who possess specific skills and language proficiency, the government aims to fill labor market gaps and promote economic growth. Furthermore, these changes help foster linguistic diversity, particularly in French minority communities outside of Quebec.

Express Entry candidates who fall within the identified categories can look forward to increased opportunities to immigrate to Canada. The IRCC has provided a comprehensive list of eligible occupations under the new categories, enabling candidates to assess their eligibility and determine their chances of success.

The draws under the new categories are expected to commence later this summer, creating anticipation among prospective immigrants. The IRCC’s proactive approach in implementing these changes demonstrates its commitment to streamlining the immigration process and connecting skilled workers with available job opportunities efficiently.

The introduction of these new Express Entry categories is a result of legislative changes made in June 2022 to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. These amendments granted the Minister the authority to select immigrants based on key attributes that align with Canada’s economic priorities.

The selection of these categories was not done in isolation. The IRCC conducted extensive public consultations with provinces, territories, industry stakeholders, unions, employers, worker advocacy groups, settlement provider organizations, and immigration researchers and practitioners. This inclusive approach ensured that the selection process considered diverse perspectives and addressed the needs and priorities of various stakeholders.

Moving forward, the IRCC will provide annual reports to Parliament, offering transparency and accountability. These reports will detail the categories chosen in the previous year, the rationale behind their selection, the instructions for establishing a category, and the number of invitations issued for each category. This ongoing evaluation and refinement process will ensure the effectiveness of the selection process in meeting Canada’s evolving economic needs and immigration goals.

The introduction of category-based selection draws for Express Entry candidates heralds a new era for Canada’s immigration system. It creates enhanced opportunities for skilled professionals in high-demand sectors, while promoting linguistic diversity and addressing labor market shortages. As the draws under the new categories approach, aspiring immigrants and Canadian employers alike eagerly await the positive impact these changes will bring to the country’s workforce and society as a whole.

If you are considering immigrating to Canada under the new selection categories for Express Entry candidates, ASI Immigration is here to assist you throughout the process. With our expertise and experience in Canadian immigration, we can provide comprehensive guidance and support to ensure a smooth and successful application.

Our team of dedicated professionals is well-versed in the latest immigration policies and procedures. We will carefully assess your eligibility based on the specific requirements of the chosen category and provide personalized advice tailored to your unique circumstances. From preparing and organizing the necessary documents to guiding you through the application submission, we will be by your side every step of the way.

Additionally, we can assist you with post-landing services to ensure a successful transition to life in Canada. From finding suitable housing and understanding the healthcare system to accessing education and employment opportunities, our team will provide valuable resources and guidance to help you settle into your new Canadian life.

With ASI Immigration as your trusted partner, you can navigate the complex Canadian immigration system with ease and confidence. Contact us today to embark on your journey towards a brighter future in Canada.


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