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IRCC Unveils Roadmap to Address Mounting Backlog of PR Applications

IRCC Unveils Roadmap to Address Mounting Backlog of PR Applications

IRCC Unveils Roadmap to Address Mounting Backlog of PR Applications

March 14, 2024

The previous October report by the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) provides valuable insights about deadlines and key details of how Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) plans to deal with the concerns of the rising PR application backlog.

Canada’s federal government is accountable to the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) for clarifying public funds utilization plans and audits that provide granular details and advice. These vital details are helpful for Canada’s parliament to review the government’s performance across all activities.   

A recent response to the Access to Information Request contains vital information about IRCC’s plans to arrest application processing delays impacting PR applications across all immigration pathways.

The 2022 OAG report observed that the backlog of PR applications rose above normal levels throughout the pandemic period. The report highlighted several guidelines to IRCC to bring processing times within acceptable levels.  

The report expects IRCC to review service standards by considering the age of PR applications in the backlog and provide clarity to applicants on the timeline for the final decision on their applications. The deadline to establish service standards for all programs is December  31, 2024. IRCC will establish a procedure to inform immigration applicants of the service standards within the timeline.

The OAG highlighted inconsistencies in setting annual permanent residency targets in the Immigration Levels Plan. IRCC must be confident of processing applications within service standards while setting these targets.

IRCC plans to develop a pilot plan for obtaining insights and testing methodology for monitoring wait times according to the country of residence. It will help the IRCC to address unexpected processing delays because of obligations to specific populations.

OAG observed processing delays because of officer action and follow-up and recommended IRCC design an action plan, as these issues are under its control. IRCC will develop a monitoring system to review the processing time of applications at each stage by April 1.

OAG expects IRCC to leverage Artificial Intelligence to design automated decision-making tools. IRCC is implementing digitization to reduce wait time because of the manual processing of applications. It will study the benefits and effects of automated decision-making technology to reduce wait times in different lines of business.

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